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Company history

History Koch Wheel Alignment



The company Koch Technischer Apparatebau was founded in 1950 by the company owner Herwart Koch in Egestorf am Deister (district of Hanover).
At that time mainly small compressors for the automotive industry were produced. This production was stopped in 1952.


In this year, at the age of 17, Herwart Koch developed a mechanical wheel aligner that could evaluate all values of the axle geometry on all motor vehicles in an uncomplicated and precise manner. This newly developed device was given the designation NC-27 and is still a household name among experts to this day. It was manufactured until 2007.

Change of company owner

In this year the only son Harro Herwart Koch became the new owner of the company. The measuring system was further developed in Wennigsen a. Deister under his leadership and exported worldwide.

Change of company owner

Harro Koch Jr. became the new owner of the company.
His father Harro H. Koch founded a new American Harro Wheel Alignment Co. in Virginia, USA.

New development

Development of the HD-20 truck wheel alignment system, which is a great success worldwide.

New development

The novel passenger car wheel aligner with patented wheel sensors replaces the NC-27. In the years to come, Harro Koch developed a wide variety of alignment devices for driver assistance systems, especially for MAN, such as the ACC (adaptive cruise control) alignment for radar sensors or the camera alignment for the lane departure warning system based on the patented HD-30 EasyTouch laser wheel aligner.


Cooperation with Hella Gutmann in the field of camera adjustment for lane departure warning system

Change of company owner

Harro Koch III takes over the business from his father in the 4th generation.